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8 of the Quirkiest, Coolest and Most Unique Wedding Venues

There’s a thousand reasons to wake up and start each day with a smile, but none of them beats waking up feeling madly in love, as your engagement rings catch the late-morning sun. Why? Because you did it. You beat the odds and found your soulmate; the one that knows how to make you laugh, make you dance and make your heart flutter like it's home to a thousand dragonflies. It's unique and rare and magical, and that's why you deserve to get married in a wedding venue that celebrates all of this..

That's because your love story is like no one else's. From the way you met to the way you look at each other, it's specked with a billion one-of-a-kind nuances and quirks and that’s what your ceremony space should feel like. It shouldn’t be samey. It should be a place that matches your personalities, reflects your passions and makes your crowd of yaysayers whoop, clap, cheer and dance as you enjoy your first kiss (okay, snog) on the confetti-littered aisle.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, every couple has their own hopes, dreams and wishes, and we totally respect that. But this is your chance to step away from the same-old, same-old and find something incredible, somewhere magical, somewhere memorable -- and the UK has a bunch of them.

So without further ado, here are our favourite wedding venues across the country, from an Edwardian swimming pool to a Margate Dreamland, to our own Magical Museum. Enjoy.

Dreamland is unlike any wedding venue you've ever imagined. Instead it's a place for any couple that's every dreamed of bursting through some turnstiles and scream the words I DO! at a seaside roller disco. That's right. You can get hitched at Britain’s original amusement park, where everywhere you look is filled with seaside magic, from the incredible ballroom to the roller disco, the stash of VIP huts to the treetop bars, to the bumper cars, carousels and Tivoli gardens full of festival vibes. There really is nowhere like Margate's Dreamland.

Studio Warehouse, London

If you’re looking to turn your big-day into something epic in a place full of vintage moments and industrial-cool vibes, then you need to hire The Studio Warehouse in East London. But it didn't start out as a wedding venue. Nope. Once-upon-a-time, this was MC Motors. But now this huge space is home to smorgasbord of stunning vintage props, making it an Aladdin's Cave of cool. Imagine a gentrified warehouse with skylight roofing, paint-peeled walls and a hundred charming photo-shoot props slumped in each corner and you have a venue that you'll never want to leave.

Nothing beats walking down a cobbled-brick aisle in the middle of the countryside, which is exactly what the Giraffe Shed does best. But that's not the only reason this is a 100% alternative barn wedding venue. Set in the beating heart of rural Wales, this heptagonal palace is the perfect place to dance until your body tingles with that post-wedding party-ache, clinking bottles of wine as you wade through a carpet of confetti. Trust us: this is one very special place.

If you're looking for a wedding venue that will wow, look no further than this Edwardian swimming pool. It's wedding heaven. Hiding in plain sight in the middle of Manchester, this ceremony space is sat at the bottom of a drained gala pool, surrounded by the stunning balconies above with picture-perfect changing rooms down the hall too. And best of all: this is just one of five incredible reception spaces this place has to offer.

Where do we start? It’s a space that will have you screaming "YESYESYES" from the second you stroll in thanks to its mix of concrete and colour. Set in an industrial warehouse, the walls themselves are changed four times a year to keep it fresh and funky to give you a backdrop to your wedding photographs that are always one of a kind. And that's just part of the reason we love The Boiler House. It’s an assault on the senses, one that is filled with so much colour that your white gown will remain the focal point as you skip around your venue laughing and dancing. This really is a place that's totally individual.

We're that special place for the hopeless romantics; the madly in loves; the beautiful misfits that have been swept up in the most enchanting love story. A hidden gem in the heart of North Norfolk, everything about the Thursford Garden Pavilion is unique and extraordinary. From our romantic gardens perfect for al fresco vow making to our Old Farm Barn that's ideal for more intimate ceremonies, our Magical Museum packed full of vintage fairground rides to our Garden Pavilion that's surrounded by fairy lights, manicured lawns, tree-lined walkways and cobblestone courtyards, there really is nowhere quite like our secluded wedding venue.

“You look like a movie, you sound like a song.” Yeah. Adele nailed it. That indescribable feeling of love. And hidden away in Bath’s spa quarter is a unique little venue that brings that feeling to life, a space full of 1930s character and charm everywhere you stare. That’s the magic of The Little Theatre. It captures the moment. The feelings. The everything. Using their projection and sound facilities, they add something that can’t be replicated, which is exactly what this venue is all about. It's about giving your guests an unforgettable experience. From creating old-school tickets for your guests that double-up as invitations to shooting faux-film trailers that are shown on the big screen as your guests wait for you to arrive, to a wild bevvy of drinks and popcorn being served by the usherettes. This is the greatest scene in your love story and this venue knows it.

There are beach weddings and then there is Lusty Glaze. That’s because this wedding venue is on a private cove by the ocean. That's right: a. private. cove -- and it's absolutely show stopping, more than any wedding could ever hope to be. From the sound of waves stroking the shoreline as you dance with the tide to your first dance music spilling into the twilight sky, to dancing guests spilling their champagne onto the sands, everyone hoping this night will never end. That’s what a wedding should feel like, and it's exactly how Lusty Glaze feels.

And there we have it. Some of the most one of a kind venues you could ever hope to celebrate in. Weird and wonderful, and spread out right across the UK.

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