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8 Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Big Day The One

Make your big day a little unique with these super-amazing wedding ideas.

Unique Wedding Ideas chairs

Once upon a time, every bride and groom-to-be wanted to have a traditional wedding - but not any more. These days, tying the knot is all about standing out, having a day that you'll never forget, creating a celebration that feels as one-of-a-kind as your love story, and making your guests smile from the second they step into your ceremony to the moment they send you off with a sparkler exit.

Of course, you already knew this, which is why you've spent endless hours trawling through Pinterest Boards and Instagram hashtags looking for the most unique ideas you can sprinkle over your special day? But while you may have seen a lot of amazing ideas, you won't have seen what we've found.

Ladies and gentleman, bride and grooms, madly in loves and childhood sweethearts, here are our favourite madcap ideas to help you make your wedding feel truly unique:

1. Hangover Recovery Kits

Let's get straight to what everyone's thinking: your wedding is going to be one, massive, beautifully drunken celebration of love. It's going to be a party, and with every party comes a hangover, which is why you should give your guests something a little different as a wedding favour - their very own Hangover Kit.

2. Dance Breaks

If you want to make your wedding truly unique, why not give your guests somewhere to mingle, laugh, chat and cause mischief between dance breaks? Yup, we're talking about a lounge area to help people rest their dancing feet, and you can easily add this by hiring a lounge area at your reception and filling it with bean bags, non-traditional chairs and comfy cushions. Not only will you be giving your guests the chance to refuel their groove, but you'll also create a VIP vibe.

3. Virtual Wedding List

Unique Wedding Ideas Amazon Wedding List

One of the best traditions out there is the wedding list. It's asking your loved ones for a little prezzie to set you on your way. But before you get all excited about this prospect, we should say it can be a little stressful actually creating a gift list - unless you create an Amazon Wedding List, that is. Not only will help you out if you're stuck for ideas by suggesting loads of great recommendations, it will also send out a custom URL to your guests and keep track of who bought what. Writing thank you cards has never been easier.

4. Guest Transportation

Unique Wedding Ideas guest transportation

Some couples choose to get married at a venue that let's you do it all, from your civil ceremony through to your wild receptions. For everyone else, though, you might need to arrange transport to get your guests from the church to your Old Farm Barn venue, so why not make the journey as enjoyable as possible by renting out some super-cool transportation. Limousines, bicycles, horse and carts, vintage school buses, maybe even a hot hair balloon. Your options are endless.

5. Pit-Stop Tipples

If there's one thing your guests won't be able to wait for, it's raising a drink to you, the newlyweds, which they won't be expecting to do until they get to your reception. So why not surprise them with a little DIY bar setup en route from your ceremony to your reception. It could be cocktails served out of a horse box or a lemonade stand decorated in balloons and streamers, or anything else you can think of. And if that's still not next-level enough, you could always think about having a theme for your drinks, such as signature cocktails that play on your romance or even these Game of Thrones inspired wedding ideas.

6. VIP Welcome Bags

Remember when you used to watch the MTV Awards and you'd see all the celebrities leaving with goodie bags -- well, you can make you wedding guests feel like VIPs by having your ushers hand your very own welcome bags. It's so simple and yet so wow (like these wedding entertainment ideas). Simply stuff them with mini bottles of prosecco, cans of beer from your local microbrewery, scratch cards, gift certificates, your favourite childhood sweets, handmade soaps, sparklers - anything you like. And if you’re still not quite sure how to get started, try chatting with your wedding planner - they'll know plenty of vendors to help you come up with a creative giveaway.

7. Bride or Groom Badges

We love it when couples have a chalkboard at the entrance that says, "pick a seat, not a side," but we're equally in love with the idea of giving your guests a little game to play - giving them badges with either the groom or bride's face on. First off, it's a fun way to show which of the happy couple they know. Secondly, it will make a great ice-breaker when you're guests start mingling (cue a hundred: "so how did you guys meet?"). And, thirdly, they'll double up as little wedding mementos.

8. Song Request

Nothing will get your guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor like hearing their song get played by the DJ. That's why you need to add a line on your RSVP stationery where each of your guests can add a song suggestion. Think about it: you'll get plenty of inspiration when it comes to your big day, you'll encourage your guests to get up and party, and you'll have a totally unique playlist that you'll be able to add to Spotify and dance to on every wedding anniversary.

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