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9 Wedding Favours That Cost So Much Less And Mean So Much More

Wedding favours that will mean the world, without costing the earth.

9 Wedding Favours That Cost So Much Less And Mean So Much More

As anyone who’s ever walked down the aisle, tied the knot and left the party to the sound of a tin cans rattling behind their classic car will know, planning a wedding is a lot more fun in theory than in reality. There are fun bits. Really-really fun bits. Like cocktail-tasting, and dress hunting, and buying your groom a watch, and getting creative with your table plan - but it can be hard to remember what’s important when the stress of it all starts to add up.

That’s why we’ve come up with a foolproof rule to help you out: focus on the things that have meaning. And this is oh-so-true when it comes to choosing your wedding favours.

The dream is to hand out little “thank you for being there when we got hitched” gifts that your guests will actually love, and the best way to do this is to make sure they are the best kind of memorable. Something that will remind your guests of your amazing big day, but also the relationship you share with them - the laughs and tears, the ups and downs, the good times and the life lessons.

And to help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of cool n’ thoughtful wedding favours that your guests will a) pop on their Insta-stories and b) cherish with a heartfelt awwwww.

1. Your Wedding Playlist

If you’re looking for a totally free way to help your guests remember your big day - and relive the suspect shapes they were throwing on the dance floor - create a Spotify Playlist full of your wedding songs and send everyone a link.

2. Pressed Flowers

One of the most beautiful things at any wedding is the botanicals. That’s why you need to go buy lots of gorgeous copper frames, press a load of flowers (preferably those you asked your florist to use in your wedding decor) and then hand these whimsical moments of magic to each of your guests. They’ll look great in any home.

3. Picnic Blankets

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking the aisle in the depths of winter or a midsummers night, blankets will always be appreciated at a wedding. And here’s the best bit: pop a sign by the exit that says, “Let our love keep you warm” and then give them away as favours they can break out at every picnic.

4. Handwritten Notes

There’s nothing more meaningful than a thoughtful note. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So if you’re having a small and intimate barn wedding, don't underestimate the power of writing out short, individual notes to each of your guests, maybe with a little anecdote from your story together — it will be the ultimate keepsake, cherished by each person. Promise.

5. Nuts For Nutella

The first best favour you can give your guests is a handwritten note. The second best is a personalised jar of Nutella - we don’t care what anyone else says. It’s thoughtful and yummy and sure to get used (and probably refilled too). Imagine it: your name in the Nutella font with the date of your wedding below. Amazing.

6. Personal Polaroids

If you’ve totally forgotten about the whole wedding favour thing (or you just couldn’t stretch the budget that far), don’t worry. There’s a super-easy and super-gorgeous solution: polaroid snaps. Simply put a table in a quiet corner, pop a polaroid camera and a basket on top, and finish it off with a chalkboard sign asking your guests to grab a photo with the newlyweds. Everyone loves a polaroid.

7. Personalised Mugs

If there’s a trend that will never die, it’s the novelty mug. You just can’t have too many of these beauties in your cupboard and that’s (probably) a fact. Here’s what you need to do: buy some pretty tin mugs & then get the words the adventure continues printed on one side & your names (and date of the wedding) on t’other. Voila. Your guests will think about every time they have coffee (or go camping).

8. Say It With Wine

Because no good story ever started with, “This one time I had a salad.” That’s what makes wine so good. The stories. And if you’ve found you ordered too many bottles (whoops), simply turn them into the most welcomed favours by sticking some personalised labels on them and inviting your guests to take a couple of bottles home.

9. Thank You Video

This is probably our favourite wedding trend at the moment - a video of you and the guy’s name you stole recording a thank you video the next morning thanking each of your guests for such an amazing night. Bonus points for sharing some of your favourite (read: embarrassing) stories and double points for proudly wearing your hangover, bags n’ all.

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