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8 Ways To Give Your Wedding All The Vintage Vibes

Once upon a time, sprinkling the vintage vibe on your wedding meant adding a few white birdcages and some rustic wooden signs telling people where the bar was. But those days are well and truly behind us because, when a bride and groom wants to vintage now, they pick this wedding trend up with both hands and run with it. And rightly so because, well, anything worth doing is worth doing in excess -- and nothing's worth it more than falling in love harder than you've ever fallen before.

It doesn't matter whether you're a retro bride to the bone or you absolutely love the vintage trend, you're guaranteed to revel in the good times when you go vintage. Timeless and chic, retro and romantic, eclectic and personal, creative and cool. There's nothing vintage can't make better. And the best part: it won't break the bank.

From shopping in hectic little junk shops to celebrating your grandparents' trinkets and treasures, you can find vintage-inspired pieces almost everywhere, mixing them in with your more contemporary stylings. Besides, our Magical Museum is full of vintage fairground rides for you to enjoy. Think of it as a match made in heaven.

But in case you need a little more inspiration on how to add the vintage vibe to your day as the bride, here are some amazing (and easy ways) to make your guests go "wow!":

1. Mismatched Glassware is a Must

And not just glassware, but crockery and china, all rocking different patterns and colours and styles. It's such an easy and eye-catching way to add a bit of whimsical wonder to your decor, and you can start collecting pieces now. Have a look to see if there any car boot sales starting up in your area and begin scouring charity shops because creating your collection of pretty tidbits and mismatched gems starts now.

2. Arrive to Your Wedding in Style

Every moment in a vintage-inspired wedding is cool, but the coolest part is your travel options. That's vintage poetry in motion, and there's so many options to choose from too. Have an old London bus take your guests from the ceremony to the reception or use our collection of vintage bicycles for a forget-me-not memory-maker. As for your arrival (cue the whoops and cheers), the automotive world is your oyster: Vespas, Mini Coopers, Daimlers, VW Campers or just about anything else you like.

3. Get A Gramophone

We challenge you to find us something more vintage-cool than a gramophone; that utterly gorgeous addition to any couple looking for ways to add a bit of a retro vibe. Hire one from a specialist or by a broken one on eBay, it's up to you. Just get one and then decide how you want to use it. Add it as a head-turner on your card table, pop it down on your DJ booth or set it up on the bar as a little something wow for people to stare at as they wait for a refill. You could even add one to the head table and fill the horn with flowers for the coolest centrepiece ever.

4. Lounge For Vintage Lovers

Every wedding reception needs a lounge area; that somewhere cool and quiet(er) where your guests can take a quick breather, give their disco feet a break and giggle away. But don't settle for less when you can make this area the vintage area of your dreams. Some chesterfield sofas, a few velvet covered chairs, an antique table and maybe even a love seat, all of which you can hire (unless you want to make an investment and fill your home with these amazing pieces).

5. Lanterns & Pom Poms Are Perfect

The first best thing you can dance under is the stars, but the second best thing is a canopy of pretty pom poms and wow-factor lanterns. It's that super-easy way of sprucing up your neutral venue space with a pinch of something standout. Honeycomb balls dangling from the ceiling, tissue paper pom poms lining the walls and lanterns running up either side of the aisle -- basically everywhere your guests will be to give their mood all the goodness they could possibly want or need.

6. Pick A Vintage-Ready Venue

For any couple wanting a seriously perfect vintage vibe, the trick is to pick a venue that’s already furnished with gorgeous vintage pieces -- and it doesn't get dreamier than our Magical Museum. We've got that that something different for those couples that are something different; those that embrace their quirks and love their uniqueness. We got everything from a classic ice-cream parlour to enchanting carousels, spellbinding gondolas to vintage fairground rides. Basically, there's nowhere quite like this on earth.

7. Fill Up on Beautiful Books

Vintage books are one of the easiest, coolest, cheapest, most amazing props you can use to get that vintage vibe you've been dreaming of -- and all you have to do is stack them around the venue, as fun centrepieces or unique table plan displays. Simply pop into your local second-hand bookshops and charity stores and fill your basket with some literary gold where the better the cover the better the results. That said, a bunch of classics are just as good, such as books like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Emma. Oh and, not that we need to tell you, but battered n' tattered hardbacks look the best.

8. Tear Up The Chair Rule Book

Another simple but effective little trick you can use to give your wedding all the vintage feels is to jazz up your chairs with some cute sashes and ribbons in pastel or floral colours. That's the best thing about having a vintage-inspired decor --anything goes. Any colours, any oddbits, any imperfections. So don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and colours and even the chairs you decide to dress up a bit. You could even rock a selection of fold-up wooden chairs and throw in some old-school deck chairs for that extra punch.

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