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Instagram Accounts To Follow For Dreamy Wedding Inspiration

Let's be honest, we're all guilty of scrolling through Instagram in the hope of finding something that's worthy of a double tap. But instead of mindlessly thumbing down the rabbit hole, we're here to give you a bit of purpose. Yepp. We've pulled together a list of our favourite wedding accounts on IG so that you can get a dopamine hit while simultaneously planning the dreamiest wedding ever.

We know, we know. Instagram, urgh. But social media is one of the best places to go for inspiration, ideas, resources and wedding guidance of every kind. From Insta-worthy invitations to tasty signature cocktails, stop n' stare flower arrangements to bridesmaid dresses your I Do Crew will adore, there's an Instagram page for it all.

So without further ado, here are the Instagram accounts every bride-and-groom-to-be needs to follow right now:

Best for bohemian couples and wedding dresses

At first glance, you'd be right to think that Willow & Watters are specialists in all things wedding dress designs. But they're not just about gowns. No, their Instagram feed is also an absolute diamond mine for bohemian couples that are in the market for whimsical yet stylish wedding ideas. From beautifully captured moments to dreamy details you'll want to adopt, this is one of our absolute favourite accounts.

Best for couples that love colour

Scrap that because this is less about loving bold colours and more about thriving off them. That's what this feed is. It's a rainbow if ideas and inspiration, almost as if you're looking at weddings through a kaleidoscope -- and it hits you right in the feels. Packed full of amazing DIY ideas, incredible photos and fashion statements that settle the case for non-traditional celebrations, this feed will make you smile.

Best for makeup inspiration

This is it. The one. The only account you need to follow for all things wedding makeup. So if you're still not sure which look you want to rock on the day, then head to IG right now and click the follow button. Romantic, moody, subtle, wild, smoky, glittery - whatever you're into, Cassandra Garcia Makeup is a treasure trove of close-ups that will make your heart flutter with excitement.

Best for wedding flower arrangements

This self-proclaimed "little flower shop" based in Sheffield is anything but small. With almost 200K followers, this deeply hued feed is packed full of the most romantic bouquets you could ever imagine, each on finished to such a high standard that you'll be forgiven for losing an afternoon to the scroll. Trust us: you won't regret following this one.

Best for dreamy wedding nails

Don't ask us why, but trying to find the perfect nails is harder than you'd ever think. That's because most wedding-appropriate is t of the time, brides-to-be want a nail that feels classy, chic, traditional, unique and wedding ready, which isn't an easy thing to do... unless you're Nail Fumi, that is. This is chic nail art on another level. Bursting with stylish designs that celebrate neutral yet exciting (and often metallic) colour palettes, this page is an absolute find.

Best for wedding outfit ideas

When it comes to curating a page full of wedding gowns made to fit the bride's personality and personal style, there's only one place to scroll: Halfpenny London. That's because it's about as far from the normal "one dress fits all" approach of so many other accounts and instead taps into niches, making sure there is something for everyone, no matter what their tastes may be like. From romantic and grandiose dresses to tailor-made suits, to creative co-ordinates that will make you wonder whether that is in fact more you, there's so much to love.

Best for incredible wedding hair inspiration

When it comes to tough decisions, how to wear your hair is right up there, probably because you're not quite sure what all of your options are. But Cara Clyne does, and her account is one worth bookmarking. Like, right now. Based out of Sydney, Cara radiates passion when it comes to hair styling. So much so, she offers masterclasses to others. But what makes Cara's a must-follow account is her effortless approach to hair styles for more modern brides.

Best for luxury wedding stationery

Based out of New York City, this design studio specialises in one thing and one thing only: custom-made invitations that will make you tear-up at just the thought of sending one of these out to your guests. Luxury, colourful and, well, perfect, this feed of beautifully taken photos will become your only stop for all things stationery and invites (just give your chosen stationery printer a heads up that you'll be sending them a thousand pieces of inspiration from this one page).

Best for dreamy groom outfit ideas

Yes, this is an epic feed focussed on one thing: groom and groomsmen wedding outfits. Whether you're a traditionalist who is thinking about tails or a laid-back guy that has a panache for fedoras, this IG account is here to inspire the men so that they look their absolute best on the best day of their life. And they get that right every. single. time.

Best for wedding cake inspiration

Instagram is not short of tasty cake inspiration, but there's something about this feed that is extra special, almost as if the cakes are too good to eat. Of course, with great cakes comes a big backlog, but that doesn't mean you can't salivate over their shots and pass on your favourites to a more local cake-hero to recreate. From white chocolate, raspberry and lemon drizzle cakes to cakes that look simply divine, this is your one-stop-shop for wedding cakes.

Thanks for reading! For more wedding tips, please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram and then tell all your friends to do the same.


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