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10 Last-Minute Details That Will Transform Your Wedding

Whether you’re planning the biggest bash ever, the intimate barn wedding of your dreams or something else in between, there are 1,000,001 things to plan when it comes to a wedding. From choosing your wedding venue to booking the band, saying yes to the dress to selecting the perfect photographer, there are so many big decisions that it becomes all too easy to forget about the little details that make a wedding so unique.

But don’t stress because no matter how late you might have left it before focussing on your personal touches, we’ve rounded up the best last-minute details that will totally transform your wedding day. Easy, affordable and oh-so-dreamy, these little moments of magic will give your ceremony and/or reception that extra splash of wow-factor that sets your wedding apart from all the others.

An Unforgettable Fold

If you’re looking for an easy, free and unique way to add some interest to your table settings, simply scroll through Pinterest in search of interesting napkin folds. Whether you want to use it as a clever menu holder or you simply want to add a bit of rustic charm that’s full of texture, this little wedding hack is one of the best.

Your Name in Lights

Nothing will steal the show and set the vibe more than a custom-made neon sign, especially when you have fun with it. It could be your first names, your surname, the first initial of your surname, your hashtag, the date of your wedding, your monogram or anything else you like. Whatever it is, hang it somewhere it can’t be missed, such as your dancefloor or behind the head table – and then hang it with pride at home after your big day comes to an end.

The Perfect Prop Box

If there’s one thing every wedding needs, it’s a photobooth full of props; something that will leave you with a thousand funny memories that represent you and your guests. That could be done with handpicked props, a theme that matches (or totally contrasts) your wedding or a box full of the classic bits: sunglasses, hats, moustaches, streamers and balloons.

Have A Hashtag

Unless you’re having a completely unplugged wedding to enjoy a digital detox, there’s every chance your guests will be sharing their snaps to the ‘gram. That’s where a personalised wedding hashtag comes in. Simply pop a few signs around your venue with your personalised hashtag and you’ll be able to see all the photos your guests took, the little moments you missed, the laughs that were shared, the dance-offs that happened and everything else your incredible photographer may have missed while they focussed their attention on your euphoria.

Midnight Feast

Scheduling in a late-night snack stop is one of those details that will be received with nothing but love. But it’s not just about keeping tummies full and bellies lined, it’s about injecting a bit of your personality into the bites you serve. That could be a non-stop train of toasted cheese sandwiches that remind you of your time together at uni, it could be an ice cream van that reminds people how you met or it could be packets of McDonald’s french-fries served with your initials instead.

Fun Little Favours

Wedding favours might be teeny-tiny tokens of your appreciation, but they are also your chance to have some fun, while giving your guests something that will remind them of your amazing wedding. That could be a printed playlist, pressed flowers from your centrepieces, a polaroid taken of you and them or eye-catching sweets that fit the style of your big day and are displayed in the cutest little boxes. Whatever suits you.

Signature Cocktails

If you really want to impress your guests, loosen them up after the ceremony, have them giggling like school kids at the back of the classroom and then get them dancing like noone is watching, the best thing you can do is serve them a signature cocktail – and we have some wedding cocktail inspiration to help get you started.

Doughnut Wall

Everyone loves doughnuts, that’s a fact. But displaying them on a wall in the corner of your venue is a totally unique way to get your guests excited, have them share your wedding on their stories, fill their bellies with something sweet and have them leave with nothing but epic memories.

RSVP Song Requests

Ever had a DJ play your requested song in a club? That’s a moment no one forgets. So use that same energy to create some hype by asking your invitees to jot down their favourite dancefloor song on the RSVP card and then compile all the requests into a playlist so that your DJ can either throw them into their set or have a 30-minute takeover. Either way, you’ll have a bunch of jams that will get your guests on their feet.

Cute Coffee Books

We love a traditional wedding guest book, but they all too often end up stashed in a drawer that is never opened. That’s what makes this little hack so great. Instead of the usual guest book, grab a coffee book that covers a subject you absolutely love – such as a travel guide to Norfolk – and have your guests ​​write in that – across the photographs, in the margins, wherever – and then display it on your coffee table at home.

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