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10 Ways To Create A Dreamy Winter Wedding

Get ready to embrace the festive feels on your big day...

There aren’t many things more magical than a winter wedding. The romantic renditions of your favourite christmas songs, the seasonal flowers lining your venue, the wintery wedding details adding a dollop of charm to your space, the cosy atmosphere ushering a sense of warmth despite the frosty world outside the windows. We have a soft spot for winter nuptials, which is why we’ve asked our in-house wedding planners for the favourite festive ideas to inspire your winter wedding.

From walking down the aisle in a faux-fur coat to creating a delicious hot chocolate station to a corner of your venue, here's everything you need to know about throwing a festive wedding that is worthy of this, the most magical time of the year.

A Winter Wonderland Venue

When you're looking for the dreamiest backdrop for your winter nuptials, you want to find a venue that ticks all the boxes. Somewhere that will look magical amongst the glistening frost, provide your guests with some shelter from the cold and have that rustic-chic aesthetic that makes you feel like you're in a winter wonderland. That could be an Old Farm Barn that's decorated to look like a cozy ski lodge, a white pavilion that looks out across enchanting gardens or a magical space that is filled with vintage fairground rides, which is exactly what the Thursford Garden Pavilion offers.

A Hot Chocolate Station

Weddings are as much about the little details as they are the big statements. They’re about the unforgettable moments that add an extra pinch of wow and perfectly-planned corners that will make your guests smile. Cue the hot chocolate station. Stocked full of different flavours, marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate pieces, peppermint sticks and maybe a few bottles of rum come cocktail hour, having a place where people can create their own hot choc won’t just keep them warm, but it will create a sense of childlike happiness that we could all do with more of.

Decorate The Aisle

There are a thousand ways to sprinkle your personality on your winter wedding, but the aisle is special. It’s that space that will set the tone of your ceremony, so why not make it swanky and chic and sophisticated. Line the aisle with Roman candles in cute glass cases and then create a real moment with a floral chuppah made up of roses, hydrangeas and white cherry blossoms. You could even drape silks around each section to create an extra depth to the drama.

Embrace The Elements

We’re not saying you have to brave the cold and tie the knot in our walled garden, but don't be afraid to celebrate Mother Nature throughout your wedding by bringing the outdoors in. Decorate with dried flowers, dot birch logs around your venue, embrace moss on your centrepieces, have artificial snow fill the entrance or set up an indoor fire pit surrounded by a few comfy sofas to create a cozy addition.

Rock Statement Coats

Whether you are heading away for a destination wedding by a frozen lake, an alpine lodge or simply turning our postcard-perfect venue into a winter wonderland, what could be more glamorous than adding a wintry coat to your look. Combine style and cosiness, wearing a snazzy jacket down the aisle is a great way to celebrate the season, keep warm and add a bit more you to your big day. It could be your something blue, a faux-fur coat that make you feel like you’ve walked straight off a Vogue shoot or even a leather jacket with a thick cosy lining.

Fairy Lights Forever

Is it just us or do fairy lights make everything appear more magical? Indoor or outdoor, there’s something about seeing a place decorated with string after string of glistening fairy lights that makes a wedding even more special. That’s probably why our grounds boast more than 500,00 fairy lights. It’s a vibe and one that also makes for the most amazing wedding photos. Dangle them from the pavilion ceiling, create a centrepiece using fairy lights and mason jars, create a majestic canopy at your reception or simply let our fairy-filled trees create the Narnia-esque scene you’ve been dreaming of. They really are the perfect way to create an elegant backdrop.

A Basket Full of Blankets

The moment the temperatures plummet below 7 degrees, your chance to create a wonderfully warm atmosphere involves pointing your guests toward a basket full of blankets. Not only will this help you and your favourite people stay warm in the chilly weather but it will look so cosy too. Fleece blankets, tartan options, maybe a cable-knit variation. Whatever will work best with the theme of your wedding. You could even use them as a wedding favor that makes your guests think back to your magical day every time they curl up on the sofa.

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