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8 Beautiful Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

Get ready to remember every little detail...

We wish there was a way for you to slow down time on your wedding day -- a way for the tick-tock of the second hand to take an eternity so that you could savour every last moment of your big day -- but the truth is, every wedding day seems to be a whirlwind that passes in the blink of an eye. That's why you need to a) live in the moment every moment and b) find ways to preserve your wedding day memories.

That's where we can help. You see, most brides and grooms will tell you that, once it's all said and done, all you're left with is an album full of photos and a freezer full of wedding cake. But we don't quite think that's true. At least, not with this oh-so-dreamy keepsake ideas.

From your wedding dress to your wedding flowers, your first dance to the first bottle of champagne, here are our favourite ways to preserve your wedding day memories:

Frame Your First Dance Song

When you find the one, you'll spend the rest of your lives sharing romantic moments. Yet your first dance will always remain the one that makes you smile the widest as you remember staring into each others eyes, your world watching on as you sway, spin, laugh and kiss, totally lost in the moment. And at the centre of it all is the special song you chose. As for preserving this memory, try engraving the Spotify code on to an acrylic plaque, framed in gold, so that you can scan it with your phone and to listen to your song every time you catch a glimpse of it.

Add Your Wedding Dress To A Necklace

Of all the dresses you wear in your life, the one that will bring a soppy-tear to your eye is the jaw-hits-floor gown you wore down the aisle on the way to your happy ever after. The only hiccup is, most brides will only wear the dress of their dreams once. Luckily, there is a way you can wear yours every day with this simple yet stunning necklace that allows you to enclose a small piece of your dress -- from a pretty frill to a little bit of lace -- into a beautiful pendant.

Keep The First Cork Forever

Whether you're popping bottles for a champagne reception on the lawn or you're saving the bubbles for that moment you clink your drink and deliver your speech, a wonderfully unique way to preserve your wedding day is to keep the cork from the first popped bottle. Then keep it somewhere safe until you can pop it in a box frame along with the little details that make it special: the date, venue, your names and maybe even the toast itself.

Commission a Custom Painting

Every wedding is unique; a personal reflection of your very own love story in every way possible. And nothing says unique quite like a one-of-a-kind painting to hang in your home for the rest of your lives. The moment you said yes, a scene of everyone dancing at your reception, the moment you first kissed each other; if there's a moment you want to cherish, try commissioning an artist that can bring your dreams to life with a wow-factor painting.

Wedding Videos Are The One

When it comes to modern-day wedding trends, the one that is well and truly here to stay is none other than the wedding video. More than just a memento to cherish from time to time, hiring a videographer gives you the chance to be transported back to your wedding day; the romance and tears, whoops and cheers, confetti and speeches, your first dance and sparkler exit. They bring your wedding to life in a way that lets you relive it all.

10 Year Time Capsule

In the same way time flies when you're madly in love, memories can fade away without you even realising. That's where a wedding time capsule comes in; a place for you store little wedding mementos as you enjoy the happiest day of your life. An order of service, one of your invitations, a polaroid selfie of the happy couple, a quick love letter that describes how you're feeling, your hopes and dreams for the future, and a playlist from your wedding day. Once you've done that, seal and leave it until your 10th wedding anniversary. That's how to preserve your memories.

Make Your Flowers Last Forever

Floral decor is one of the most pinch-yourself parts of any wedding, a visual representation of your personalities and style, as well as adding something oh-so-beautiful everywhere you look -- and they can still have that same aura long after they have died. Dry some of your favourite flowers and then pop them inside a clear bauble to hang on your Christmas tree, pick your favourite petals and then coat them in resin to create a unique bracelet, or simply rearrange your bouquet into a monogram that can be displayed in a shadowbox. Whatever steals your heart.

Keep a Journal From Start To Finish

Your wedding may be the one that you'll remember forever, but before you step onto the aisle and toward the love of your life, there's a hundred days of planning that can be cherished in the same way. Write down your proposal story, keep some fabric samples from your chosen dress, pop in a copy of your wedding stationery, a photo from the day you got engaged, anything and everything you can so that you remember the whole journey, not just the big day. After all, the destination is only half the fun.

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