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9 Autumn Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love & Use

Autumnal wedding favours that are seasonal, personal and practical.

If you’re looking at a white pavilion full of happy smiling wedding guests, life is probably good. And if you’re looking at those happy smiling guests as they gush over the gorgeous little wedding favours you laid out, life is even better -- and autumn is the perfect season to create the best kind of giveaway magic.

We get it, though. Trying to pick the perfect wedding favour can be more stressful than finding a tear in your wedding gown (okay, maybe not more stressful, but close). Thankfully, we have the three-word checklist to help you nail it: practical, personal and seasonal. Follow that rule and you’re guaranteed to find a favour that’s celebrates the falling leaves, matches your unique love story and gives your guests something they will definitely use. It’s about giving your favourite people in the world a little thank you that makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside, just like a pumpkin-spiced latte would.

And in that spirit, here’s a list of the most gorgeous, thematic, autumnal and melt-your-heart favours to make your wedding even more magical.

1. Cider Doughnuts. Mmmmm.

Yummy yummy

Anyone that’s scrolled down the our forget-me-not feed will know that we’re massive fans of a) doughnuts and b) edible favours -- and we’ll bet your guests are too. That’s why you need to phone everyone’s favourite baker and order as many mouthwatering treats as you need, and then pop them in some pretty, personalised boxes (#donutmindifido).

2. Happy Soapers Smell Good

Kentish Soap Co - Blissful Soap

Prettily-packaged, award-winning, vegan-friendly, naturally-made, plastic-free, zero-waste and dee-lish-ous-ly scented - you cannot go wrong with favours from the Kentish Soap Co, especially if you pick their Blissful Soap. They are the eco-friendly gift that will make your guests’ bathrooms a little more fancy.

3. Rustic Bottle Opener

Who wouldn’t love to add a gorgeous bottle opener to their kitchen drawer? The answer: no one, especially if they’re rustic-looking, such as a metal key, a silver antler or a steel love heart. Not only will they be totally loved by your guests, we imagine they will get used… a lot.

4. Mini-Bottles of Booze

Whether you’re a fan of picking your own sloes and turning them into gin made with love, have a bit of a soft spot for bourbons, or know your guests will go crazy for bottles of pumpkin spiced Moscow Mules, keep your party going through the night with some cute little pick-me-ups of booze.

5. Thick, Cosy Blankets

To have and to hold in case you get cold

With the air carrying a chill and the wind hiding a bite, it’s no wonder that autumn is the season for cuddling up and keeping cosy -- and you can help your guests do exactly that by having a basket full of thick blankets and a sign that reads ‘to have and to hold in case you get cold’. Not only will your friends and family love the thought, they’ll think of you tying the knot every time they cuddle up at home.

6. Must-Have Magnets

It doesn't get more autumnal than this

One of the most stunning, seasonal and tasteful favours ever are leaf-shaped magnets coloured in golds, greens and creams that will help your guests hang their favourite photographs of your wedding on their fridge (as well as any future wedding invites that fall through their letterbox). Pretty, practical, personal and definitely seasonal.

7. Keep Warm, Keep Cool

Personal, seasonal, practical.

If there’s one thing you’ve never thought of that your guests will love, it’s giving your guests a personalised can cooler. Simply make them seasonal with a pumpkin design, add a bit of the personal with your names and date and, voila, you have the perfect wedding favour, one that your guests will use for years to come - autumn, spring, summer and winter.

8. The Perfect Pie

What's your favourite pie?

Everyone loves pie, fact. Whether it’s apple and cinnamon, pecan and walnut, steak and ale or broccoli and stilton, everyone has a favourite, which is why you should flick on your oven ask the butcher at your local farmer’s market if they would help you bestow mini versions of some different autumn pies on your guests, and then pop them into personalised boxes. Cuuuuute.

9. Seasonal Seeds

For those that want a gift that just keeps giving, nothing will give your guests more wow than a few festive packets of their favourite seeds. Sunflowers, wildflowers, pumpkins - whatever you think will best bring a little bit of happiness to your guests’ gardens and make their lawns look even more cared for.

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