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An Etiquette Guide To Being The Best Wedding Guest

Your essential etiquette guide to being the best wedding guest, from the ceremony through to the reception.

Whether you're about to attend your first wedding or it's been two years since you're last one, we're here to tell-slash-remind you that there's more to being a wedding guest than simply throwing on a fancy outfit and dancing all night long. A lot more.

That's because there's so many unspoken roles and responsibilities handed to each guest. There's an etiquette that you're trusted to uphold so that the madly-in-love couple can have the wedding day of their dreams. From filling in the RSVP card correctly to preparing a gift, congratulating the newlywed and their families to making sure the dance floor is full of laughs and smiles, endless cheers and the clinking of beers. That's the role entrusted on each guest. After all, there's a reason you were invited to be a part of their love story.

So without further ado, here's our professional guide to wedding guest etiquette and how to be that name on the table plan everyone remembers with a smile:

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