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*These* Are The 5 Most Popular Wedding Bouquets of All Time

Because you can never have too many flowers...

When it come to tying the knot, there are a thousand memories you'll cherish forever. From your first dance to your sparkler exit, the best man's speech to your favourite aunty busting out her favourite shapes, weddings have a way of updating your core memories -- and walking down the aisle as you delicately hold onto your very own bouquet might just be the most special of them all.

That's because no two bouquets are ever the same. Beautiful, personal and oh-so-wow, your bundle of flowers is a custom-creation that bring your personality to life. That's why it's so important you hire a professional florist to do their thing, elevate your wedding day look and make people stare in total awe.

That said, it's always a good idea to have an idea of what you like; to know which wedding bouquet styles, shapes and sizes make your eyes sparkle and smile grow, as well as the meaning behind your favourite flowers. So to help you guide your florist (when the time comes), here's our expert's guide to most popular wedding bouquets. After all, every bride deserves to hold a show-stopping bundle of flowers as they skip down they aisle.

Cascade Wedding Bouquet

Get ready to witness your guests' jaws hit the floor as you walk into the room with this waterfall-style bouquet spilling over your perfectly manicured hands with a mix of neutral blooms and gorgeous greenery. And yet the best part is the freedom you have to personalise your cascade bouquet. Usually oversized and overflowing, you can choose the length and flowers of your bouquet so that it extends anywhere from the middle of your gown to delicately brushing the floor. Either way, this is a bouquet for any bride looking to make an entrance. Just take a peek at Princess Diana's, which was a 40" bouquet of gardenias, stephanotis, myrtle and ivy all tied together by a teardrop base.

Garden Wedding Bouquet

Some florists refer to this style as a garden bouquet while others know it as a hand-tied bouquet. Either way, this rustic and charming arrangement has become one of the most popular choices among brides, especially for those couples having a more natural, laidback and simple wedding. That's because the garden wedding bouquet looks as if the flowers were just picked from the landscaped grounds of country house, the blooms and greenery varying in length and stems to create a subtly asymmetrical bouquet of lush greens and pastel hues.

Nosegay Wedding Bouquet

Possibly our favourite pick of the bunch, the nosegay bouquet is more a compliment to your hair, gown and makeup than a centrepiece. Consisting of a smaller, roughly-rounded cluster of flowers delicately snipped so they boast a uniform length, this style of bouquet typically has a dominant theme, whether that's the flower used or the colour chosen, with barely any greenery to pad it out. Instead, they are given a sophisticated and polished finish with a tightly wrapped ribbon placed around the stem. Boho, beautiful and understated, the nosegay is something special indeed.

Round Wedding Bouquet

This is it. The most classic and traditional bouquet of them all. An arrangement that has long remained the absolute favourite among brides celebrating a more formal wedding. Radiant, round and perfectly symmetrical no matter which angle you view it from, this bouquet is a masterclass of meticulous presentation where every flower is cut to an even height. Yet it's the ribbon finish that gives this bouquet its class and elegance, the stems kept perfectly in place with a tightly wrapped stretch of satin.

Freeform Wedding Bouquet

Boho brides, this ones for you: an oversized bouquet that celebrates a more rough and rustic style of freeform arrangements, your combination of flowers, branches and other unexpected elements spilling out in an asymmetrical fashion. Yeah, that's what this non-traditional look is all about: being unexpected. From unusual flowers to pampas grass, painted branches to anything else that steals your attention, this is a bouquet that looks and feels edgy, bohemian, bold and beautiful. And yet you can make it fit with the rest of your wedding theme by simply choosing flowers that work. Think orchids, white roses, and amaranths combined with other elements like bleached ruscus and dried palm leaves.

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