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10 (Super-Romantic) Indoor Date Ideas To Enjoy During Lockdown

Ask any key worker how you can help them during this Coronavirus outbreak, their response is almost always the same: ‘please, stay home’. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re staying home, making the most of what we have, finding new ways to fill our time and sharing it all over IG -- and we’re doing it with a huge sense of appreciation, privilege and pride. But above all that, we’re doing it with new levels of gratitude for all those that have to leave their homes in order to keep others safe and the country running.

Of course, if you’re anything like us, then you’re probably still missing the little things in life, especially the little things you used to do with your SO, such as date night -- which is where these oh-so-romantic indoor date ideas come in.

We know you can’t get dressed up and head into town for a night of love and laughs, but you can bring the magic of date night to you at home. From recreating your first date to enjoying a picnic in the great indoors, there’s so many ways to get romantic and make memories that will last forever -- and here are our favourites:

1. Your Second First Date

You may not be able to book a table at that restaurant you splashed out on or head to the cinema to see that RomCom you knew she’d love, but you can still recreate your first date and bring all those feelings rushing back. Dress in the same clothes you wore, recreate the meals you ordered, find the movie you watched on Netflix, put on the live album of the band you saw, turn your living room into the club you met in (complete with cheesy 90s hits), and enjoy a night of romance and reminiscing.

2. Take Turns To Cook

Pick a day each week to enjoy an indoor date night and take it in turns to cook a ridiculously romantic meal for each other. And we mean ridiculously romantic. While bae is upstairs getting ready for your big date, go all out and prepare a three course meal complete with starters, mains and dessert, light candles, pick a semi-expensive bottle of wine and create a playlist to dance to after dinner, --and then stare in disbelief as your SO comes down the stairs looking a million bucks. Then swap roles next week.

3. Soak Up A Spa Treatment

Trust us, your other half is constantly stealing your beauty products, which is why they’ll be up for enjoying a stay-at-home spa session -- and it’s easy to set up too. Simply light some candles, find a relaxing Spotify playlist, slice some cucumber and slide on some sheet masks to instantly reduce your stress levels and be transported to a world of gorgeous calm. Then go online and buy a few little bits that will let you enjoy some more easy-to-replicate treatments, like manicures and pedicures, aromatherapy showers and candlelit massages. Mmmmm.

4. Great Indoor Picnic

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or balcony, now is the time to use that space for the dreamiest date in lockdown history by making yourself a cute little picnic to enjoy (right) outside -- or you could lay a blanket on the living room floor, cover it in fairy lights and turn your home into the scene of an influencers dream. Fill a hamper with yummy cheeses, cover some strawberries in melted chocolate before chilling them in the fridge, make some homemade guacamole, raid the deli counter of your local store and throw in some crisp sandwiches because, c’mon, crisp sandwiches are the best.

5. Start A Two-Person Book Club

Make a list of your favourite novels, then ask your partner if they’ve ever read them. If they haven’t -- boom! - you’ve got yourself a super-cute date idea right there. Dig them out of your bookshelves, swap your all-time favourites, cuddle up on the sofa together, read and then reconvene to discuss what’s happened over a glass of something red. Why? Because curling up with a spellbinding book is one of the most perfect things you can do as a couple, fact.

6. Couples Who Yoga Together

Gyms and studios may be closed for now, but there are a ton of great yoga tutorials online that you can watch together and watch for free -- and it will be so much fun. Push your coffee table out of the way, roll out two yoga mats next to each other, light a bunch of tea lights and place them on the floor around your DIY yoga room, press play on some relaxing music and enjoy your first of many yoga classes together.

7. Learn About Your Signs

Love is written into the stars, which is why you should spend the evening cuddled up, flicking through online resources and drawing up each other’s birth charts, your sun, moon and rising signs, what your palms say about you, what your star signs mean in the context of love and what the future might hold in the eye of the unexplainable – trust us when we say it’ll give you a deeper understanding of your partner’s traits than you might expect.

8. Laughter is the Sound of Love

A day without laughter is wasted and a world without comedy is unthinkable, so brighten up your isolation with a comedy night date by enjoying some of the world’s funniest comedians from the comfort of your blanket-covered couch. Press the Netflix button or tune into Amazon Prime and choose from dozens of hilarious comedy specials from the superstars of belly laughing, from Amy Schumer to Jim Jefferies, Chris Rock to Ali Wong, Jimmy Carr to James Acaster. All you have to do is pour the wine, press play and let the uncontrollable snort-laughter begin.

9. Take On A TikTok Dance

If you’re not already 100% obsessed with this app, you’re about to be because TikTok is an endless treasure chest of homemade comedy gold and is home to some of the most incredible (and funny) viral dance routines -- and there’s no better way to get involved than getting bae to join you in learning one of them. J-Lo’s half time dance, those now-infamous Savage moves, Little Mix’s latest routine -- they’re all amazing to learn, and they’re usually no more than 30 seconds long, making it perfect for couples to have a go at, even if you’re the most rubbish dancers on the planet. Whether you actually record and share your attempts on your socials is totally up to you, but you’ll have some serious fun trying.

10. Your Favourite Takeaway

The first best thing we can do right now is stay home, but the second best thing is to support our local restaurants like never before -- so if your favourite eatery has kept its doors open for takeaways, give yourselves a tasty treat and spread a smile through your community by ordering in a delicious feast of whatever makes your taste buds dance. It could be a pizza in bed in front of your favourite Will Smith movie, or you might want to create a little more romance by skipping past the sofa, serving your food onto your fanciest china dishes and setting the dining table so that you can enjoy a candle lit dinner. Whatever makes you fall in love the most.

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