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11 Ways To Add Some Rustic Wow To Your Barn Wedding

There's tying the knot and then there's tying the knot in an Old Farm Barn; the words "I do" feeling even more romantic as they dance around in the exposed beams and up into the eaves; the whoops and claps and cheers of your guests echoing off the exposed brick walls as your gorgeous venue is filled from top to bottom with happy vibes and an unrivalled layer of rustic chic. It's no wonder barn weddings have become more popular than last season's Love Island winner. Unique, interesting and forget-me-not.

But that's not the only reason everyone loves a barn wedding; we love what they stand for. Like every couple, each barn is different and specked with one of a kind idiosyncrasies and quirks that make it special. That's how our Old Farm Barn venue feels. It adds a perfect countryside twist to your ceremony or reception. 

Whether you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle of a rustic old barn that's bursting with charm or you're looking for ways to make your small wedding that much more intimate and wow, our rustic barn is perfect.

But just in case you're looking for ways to make it even more wow, we've rounded-up our favourite rustic wedding ideas to help bring your barn wedding to life and give you the fabulous photographs of your dreams:

Mood Lighting Is Life

When it comes to creating a romantically rustic mood, nothing is as easy or effective as dangling fairy lights here, there and everywhere. Hanging from the rafters, draped on the wall behind your top table, lining the entrance or wrapped around the furniture in your lounge area -- fairy lights make a barn look so elegant and so stunning.

Drapes Do It Better

Another easy way to give your gorgeous barn a glow-up is to add some long drapes from the walls and above your doors. Set against the exposed brick and framing your entrances, your space will feel so light and airy and full of those summer vibes no matter what season you're getting hitched. And the best bit: you can hang your drapes anywhere and any way you like, both inside and outside of your barn.

Fall In Love With Your Love Story

Everything about your love story is as unique as the old farm barn you've chosen to start your forever happy after in, which is why there's nothing more amazing than hanging your favourite (and most embarrassing) couple's photographs on a wall using hessian string and pegs. That's how to celebrate your adventure and make your venue feel perfect; perfectly yours.

Create A Chill Out Area

Every wedding needs a chill out area and there's no better way to add an endlessly rustic lounge spot to your wedding than pitching a few bell tents outside and filling them with thick blankets, cushions, a pre-owned table or two and some fairy lights.

After all, the magic shouldn't stop just because your guests need to give their dancing feet a little rest.

Old School Games Are A Must

Any game that involves some shabby chic wood is a great way to add some fun to your wedding while bringing that rustic vibe to life. Think hessian sack races, egg and spoon races with wooden spoons and, best of all, a ring toss using an old wooden box full of bottles painted pink and rings wrapped in pretty fabric. Whether you're having kids at your wedding or not your guests will be busy for hours.

Go Mad For Greenery

Whether you fill your barn with tall trees to give that storybook feeling, line the aisle with pretty plants to bring the outside in or you add wildflowers to your centrepiece, decorating with Mother's Nature's greenery is the dreamiest way to bring a pinch of vibrancy and liveliness to your rustic venue. Of course, there are places you can hire greenery from, but what could be more special than buying plants and trees for your big wedding day and then planting them in your garden afterwards so that you're forever reminded of your wedding day.

Choose A Rustic Flower Arrangement

It doesn't matter what theme, vibe or style your going with, choosing the right flowers is always able to bring your dreams to life -- and the same goes for a rustic barn wedding. So much can be added to your rustic wedding theme if you choose the right flowers. So, when you're thinking about what flowers to add to your bouquet, speak to your florist about using roses and hydrangeas and lots of trailing foliage because, trust us, you can’t go far wrong with a cascading bouquet.

A Bride With Flowers in Her Hair

Some girls dream of wearing diamonds around their necks and others simply want to wear flowers in their hair, and that's because flower crowns know how to bring that boho look to every style of wedding dress. So instead of wearing a traditional veil to your barn wedding, ask your florist if they can create you a gorgeous flower crown and let your inner hippy dance for joy.

Semi-Naked Cake On A Log

For a wedding cake with the most delicately rustic vibe, nothing looks tastier than a semi-naked cake, which is simply a naked cake that's been partially covered in buttercream to give a more bohemian edge. And if you really want to make it pop, try standing it on a slice of log surrounded by loose foliage and all the wildflowers you can pick.

Signs Say It All

The Thursford Wedding tribe are huge fans of rustic wedding signage, and not just because they make a place feel warm and inviting but because they're your first impression for arriving guests. They let your nearest and dearest know exactly what to expect for the rest of the day, the theme you've gone for and the vibe of your love story. From wooden boards decorated with white calligraphy to perspex sheets hung from iron pipes and dripping with foliage, rustic signs are a must for any barn wedding.

Less Table Cloths, More Candles

Table cloths are a gorgeous way to add a pinch of sophistication and clean lines to your wedding, which is why we say ditch them and show off those gorgeous long tables that compliment the exposed brick walls you fell in love with at first sight. And instead of table cloths, decorate them with candles and greenery for that cosy and romantic feel (even if you have to use fake candles for safety reasons).

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