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8 Wilt-Resistant Flowers For Your Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding

8 types of flowers that will make your outdoor wedding dreams come true.

Summer is here, and that means outdoor wedding season. There’s nothing better. The church ceremony won’t be freezing, the sun will most definitely be shining, your tan will look a million bucks in that gorgeous white gown, your guests will be in high spirits, the ice cream truck you ordered will get a bunch of love, there will be games on the lawn and the rustic wedding decor you did yourself will look so on point. What’s not to love about a midsummer, outdoors wedding bash? Absolutely nothing.

Okay, almost nothing, because there is one teeny-tiny little problem, and that’s seeing your beautiful blooms wilt before you’ve had a chance to share your first dance. We’ve seen happen too many times and, even though everyone puts on our best it’ll be fine faces, seeing the bride’s bouquet collapse and wither before the day is over is a sad sight.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

And to help you, we’ve spoken to our most-trusted and celebrated flower supplier to get the low down on which flowers will make the prettiest, most wilt-resistant, heat-proof bouquets for your outdoor wedding. Insert happy face here.

Two tips from our favourite florist:

1. To keep your blooms and reception flowers looking fresher than Will Smith in Bel Air, make sure you store your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets in water before and after they're in use.

2. Make sure your flowers (and their stems) aren’t left standing in direct sunlight where possible.

And with that said and done, here are eight types of flowers you should use on your big day, safe in the knowledge that they’re hardy enough to thrive in the driest, hottest, most sun-filled day. Trust us: nothing will be able to stop your bouquet from looking beautiful.

Just Quickly: The Perfect Posies

If there’s one thing every bride wants come her summer wedding, it’s wedding flowers she can trust to still be there as you step off the dance floor at the end of the night, which is why you need to pick the perfect posies. And to help you out, here’s a quick list of beautiful blooms that will survive the heat no matter what: andromeda seeds, hydrangeas, succulents, craspedia billy balls, jasmine, garden spray roses, dahlias, peonies, calla lilies, chocolate sunflowers and eucalyptus. You can use these flowers for anything and everything, from a bouquet that won’t droop before the toss to your gorgeous tabletop centrepieces.

1. Fall In Love With Calla Lilies

There are certain flowers that absolutely thrive in the heat, tropical blooms with that lovely waxy feel, and the calla lily is our pick of the bunch. Not only is it absolutely stunning, it doesn’t have “real petals", so they’re totally droop resistant. Basically, they’re perfect for a warm weather wedding. And if you’re wondering what to pair them with while planning your bouquet, we recommend you add a dash of wow with some colourful dahlias and a lovely fullness through pincushions.

2. Do It With Dutch Hydrangeas

There’s a thousand reasons why you need to welcome the classic Dutch hydrangea to your wedding with open arms, and at the top of the list is the fact they reach their very best come summer. They’re stunning and sturdy and the perfect choice for a bride (and groom) who wants to add a splash of summer moodiness to their big day. Oh, come on, not every summer wedding needs to have hot pink accents here, there and everywhere. In fact, muted and soft bouquets are bang on trend. And if you want to pair them as such, then go and grab some orchids and chocolate sunflowers and have some fun.

3. Super-Succulents

If there’s ever been a failsafe plant to get you through the hottest day of the year, it’s a succulent. Sure, walking down the aisle with a giant desert bloom in your hands may be a little bold and non-traditional but, so what? This is your day, and you deserve to steal the show as you strut down the aisle with a wither-resistant bouquet. And if you do want to spruce them up a little, you can with seeded eucalyptus and garden roses. Gorgeous.

4. Go Crazy For Craspedia Billy Balls

Every bride wants a wedding that’s out of this world, and that’s exactly what these flowers are. Out of this world. Literally. They’re otherworldly. Their globe shaped tops will steal a moment from everyone that catches a glimpse of them, and that’s why they are ideal for bridal bouquets, table centerpieces and boutonnieres. They’re ethereal, whimsical and drop-dead-exciting. And it’s not just their interesting texture that makes them perfect for an al fresco wedding, it’s their summertime sturdiness too.

5. Obsessed With Eucalyptus

Everything about the eucalyptus makes us want to punch the air with joy. It’s basically the perfect flower for any bride and groom wanting to give their big day that rustic feel. They’re woodsy and fresh, gorgeously green and cascading. They have this way of adding a personal feeling to your ceremony that will unleash everyone’s inner hippie-spirit. And if you’re wondering whether they’ll last beyond your last dance, eucalyptus trees live for more than 250 years, so you’ll be pretty safe.

6. Garden Spray Roses Are Oh-So Romantic

For some brides, only white roses will do. But for those non-traditional brides that want something a little less classic and a little more forget-me-not, the garden spray rose is the one. It looks more like a peony than a rose, with petals that burst outward as they bloom to create a much fuller bouquet. They’re that bit more eccentric. Offbeat. Wild and free. But their soft pink and blue hues still give them a very romantic feel.

7. Jasmine Is Just Wow

Never has a flower been more deserving to have a princess named after it. But that’s what this flower is - it’s a classic princess. Soft, gentle, delicate and wonderfully feminine. They are graceful and fun and, best of all, they absolutely love the warmth of long and lazy summer days, so there’s no need to panic about them lasting. Add it to your bouquet, drape it over your tables and chairs, and wrap it around your cake. However you use it, your wedding will look like a woodland fairytale whenever you add some jasmine.

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