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7 Details That Will Give Your Autumn Wedding All The Feels

We can't tell you how excited we are to say this but, ummm, "Things are starting to get back to normal and, yepp, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel." Covid 19 has a lot to answer for, whether you had originally opted for an autumn wedding or had to reconsider thanks to the virus-that-won't-be-named we’ve got some fab ideas to make your autumnal wedding the talk of the season.

Delightful Decor

While summer is all about soft petals and light romantic colour ways, autumn offers a chance to really use nature as your inspiration. Creating a romantic rustic feel. Think, gold beaded chargers and copper plates. Velvet table runners and coloured wine goblets. Rustic logs or barrels and a mix of fresh and dried fruit and flowers.

Seasonal Flowers

Include the colours of the season, deep red, oranges and dark dusky tones. For something a little different why not add a mix of dried and fresh flowers and some pine cones, pampas grass of leaves.

Wedding Jackets

Worried about those cooler autumn nights. Pair your wedding gown with a jacket. A hand painted leather jacket too edgy, look for denim or even a shaggy knitted or faux fur. Whatever your vibe, there’s a jacket out there for you.

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Have fun with textures and tones. Be inspired by nature and have your bridal party in a mix of velvet and silks coordinated by the autumn colour palette.

Wedding Feast

Think warm hearty comfort food. Lamb shank, on a bed of creamy mash and a side of roasted seasonal veg and rich gravy. For a vegetarian option stay seasonal with root veg! Butternut squash risotto. You could even serve a squash soup to start. Keep your desert equally comforting with a sticky toffee pud or maple pecan pie.

The Cake

The days of a must have simple elegant white cake are gone, if that’s not your vibe then don’t worry! Stick with the autumnal theme and have fun. Think about flavours, pecan, pumpkin spiced, chai. The golden drip of toffee over a white rustic cake, adorned with figs and foliage. It’ll be a wow piece that will have your guests talking about it long after their last bite!

The Drinks

Why not welcome your guests with hot apple cider. It’s definitely seasonal and will help to warm them while offering a nostalgic comfort. For the reception to keep on theme look at spiced mule, spiced apple margaritas, spiced gin punch, anything spiced really. Rum, apple, orange, cinnamon. All key flavours. For a bit of fun with hubby to be you could even try adapting some of these flavours to create a signature cocktail that your guests will absolutely love.

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