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8 'Something Blue' Ideas That Are Perfectly Unique

For centuries and centuries, brides have been adding a touch of blue into their wedding days, as they whisper the words, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a six-pence in your shoe,” under their breath, making sure they’ve remembered everything. It’s a list that is meant to bring good luck, while the something blue part is meant to represent purity, love and fidelity for the madly in love couple.

Think of it as a tradition that has not only survived the sands of time, but found a way to reinvent itself as brides look to find cool and unique ways of adding a hint of blue to their big day. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite ideas and inspiration that lets you play around with the something blue idea in a fun and creative way (without the lacy blue garter cliché).

The Blue Bouquet

Whether you're dreaming of an all-blue bouquet or simply fancy the idea of blue hints dotted throughout, ask your florist to add your something blue into the petals of your flowers.

The Blue Cocktail

*Adds Blue Curaçao to shopping list* Yepp. Blue Curaçao is the reason behind so many of your favourite tropical cocktails, thanks to its tangu orange flavour. Blue Hawaiian Coolers, Frozen Moscato Margaritas, Tiffany Mimosas - they're all a delicious way to add a touch of blue to your wedding.

The Blue Guest Book

Sophisticated, stylish and wonderfully subtle, placing a blue leather guest book out for all your favourite people to sign is a truly wonderful way of getting something blue into your big day (and appeasing your traditional parents).

The Blue Bicycles

Arrive to your wedding venue in vintage style on a pair of pastel blue bicycles, your dress hitched up as you and your soul mate ride along our winding paths, tinkling the bells and laughing to yourself all the way to the doors of your reception.

The Blue Bridesmaids

Another wonderful way to add that something blue to the happiest day of your life by having your bride tribe wear blue dresses. From navy to turquoise and everything shade in between, there’s a blue bridesmaids outfit to suit every season and every style.

The Blue Shoes

Live out all your Sex in the City dreams and unleash your inner Carrie with a pair of these Royal Blue Manolo Blahnik Satin Mules poking out from your wedding gown; the deep blue adding a sense of depth to your outfit , while the sparkles give it that fairytale look. And the best part: that buttery leather interior will keep your feet comfy all night long.

The Blue Smoke Bomb

Add some drama to your day with a smoke bomb or two and, better yet, make them blue. Leave the church to a cloud of smoke, use them for your wedding photos or hold them out the window of your wedding car as you approach your venue -- no matter what you choose, smoke bombs are an amazing way to get your guests into the spirit of the night.

The Blue Cake

When it comes to delighting your taste buds, there's only one option worth considering: a blue wedding cake. It could be a single blue tier, a geo wedding cake that exposes blue crystals, a tonal tiered wedding cake that will break Instagram or even a blue marble cake that complements your bridesmaids' dresses. The choice is all yours.

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