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9 Spring Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs To Know About

We love a spring wedding. The birds are singing, the daffodils are dancing, the sun is shining and there's a wedding vibe in the air that will have your guests ready to live their best lives after a winter of bunkering down beneath moody skies. Yepp. Planning a spring wedding is a beautiful and magical experience that will have you bursting with excitement and filled with optimism as you embrace the outdoors again.

Of course, nothing is without hiccups. So as postcard-perfect as a spring wedding might sound, something about this season almost-always brings a bout of unpredictable weather and, well, a few other unique challenges.

So to make sure you are ready for everything and have every area covered, we asked some of our most trust wedding planners for the spring wedding hacks that every bride should know about. It's time to make your wedding dreams come true, whatever the weather:

Have a Rain Plan

Like we mentioned, Spring weather can be pretty unpredictable at times, so it's uber-essential you have a backup plan just in case it rains, drizzles, pours or spits. That's why we'd always urge you to add a sheltered space to your big day. That could be a gazebo, a bell tent, a tipi or an indoor venue. Better yet, our Garden Pavilion gives you the best of it all; a beautiful space that overlooks our perfectly manicured grounds, giving you a place to enjoy it all, whether it's sun, rain or a bit of both.

For The Love of Seasonal Flowers

With every new season comes a collection of season flowers for you to choose from, but none is as special as spring, a time when your bouquet can celebrate so many different blooms. And the best part: not only will embracing seasonal flowers save you stress and money, but your wedding decor will enjoy a touch of freshness and vibrancy.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Just like the weather, Spring temperatures can vary wildly too, so be sure to add a few things that will keep your guests comfortable whatever the day brings. comfortable options for guests. A wicker basket full of blankets that people can help themselves too, pocket fans should the sun turn up, a few parasols to give people shade and, who knows, maybe a pair of sunglasses as your wedding favours too.

Choose a Versatile Dress

The weather, the temperature, it can all be a guess as to what happens on your big day. Knowing that, it's what we'd call a wise idea to pick a wedding dress that can be easily modified to accommodate whatever weather conditions you'll be dancing in that night. That might be removable sleeves, a detachable train, or a cosy wrap or even a leather jacket, anything that will give you an extra option should things change.

Be Aware of Allergies

We hate being the bearer's of bad news, but while most of us love the arrival of spring, for a lot of people, spring is also allergy season. So make sure you consider any guests that might have allergies when planning your menu and decor. You could also have a pretty first aid full of bits and bobs, like hay fever tablets, antihistamines and even suncream.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

If we can say anything about spring, it's the natural light. It's both beautiful and flattering, so make sure you are taking advantage of it when it comes to your your wedding photos. Tell your photographer you want to use this in your shots, schedule your portraits for the "golden hour" around sunset and bring your best spring-time energy to the occasion.

Embrace the Season

Spring is stunning. That is a fact, like up is up and down is down. Spring is just one of the most special seasons, one filled with hope and love and optimism. As such, try to incorporate the beauty of this season in as many ways as you can, especially in your decor. Think fresh greenery, pastel colours, and other spring-inspired elements.

Be Prepared for Bugs

It's so easy to focus on all the best bits of spring, but you'd be silly not to prepare yourself for the rubbish bits too. Yepp. Spring might be wonderful, but it's also a time when bugs come out of hibernation, so be prepared with bug spray, wasp traps and anything else you can think of to keep bugs away from your ceremony and reception. The last thing you want is a photo of your arms flailing as you go to kiss your soul mate.

Consider the Timing of Your Wedding

Spring might just be the most popular time in the entire year to get married, and we totally get why. It's beautiful in every way, from the feeling in your soul to the flowers blooming around you. But because of this, make sure you get your save the date's out early, book your venue as soon as possible and have your vendors in place to make sure you have everything and everyone you want at your big day.

By keeping these spring wedding hacks in mind, you can help ensure your special day is a success, no matter what the weather or other challenges may bring.

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