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Happily Ever After (Lockdown): 6 Wedding Trends To Thank Lockdown For

2020 hasn't exactly gone to plan, by which we mean nothing - absolutely nothing - has gone to plan. Even more so in the word of weddings, where the idea of being able to dance into gorgeous space filled with happy faces really does feel worlds away.

Whether you've had your wedding postponed, had to replan your entire day or had to try and plan your wedding from the comfort of your sofa, couples have had to grapple with the most extraordinary (and super-stressful) circumstances -- and yet these same happy couples have stay positive and gotten creative with what they can do.

From finding impossibly romantic ways to pop the question at home to giving their postponed wedding a seasonal update, buying their bridesmaids dresses online to ticking off the wedding tasks you can during lockdown. All of this has been proof that love always finds a way -- and new trends always find a way to make weddings feel oh-so-magical.

So while none of us know when we'll be able to return to big, lavish weddings with all the pinch-yourself extras, lockdown has created some amazing wedding trends; the kind that will make you want to have a small and intimate bash.

Weddings Sprinkled With Midweek Magic

Once upon a time, there were only two options when it came to getting hitched: Saturday and then Sunday. But not anymore because if there's one amazing thing to come out of this pandemic, it's brides and grooms choosing to tie the knot at a Monday to Friday wedding; something that will definitely continue into 2021.

Of course, the reason for this is because the scramble for a wedding date next year has already started, but there's a hundred reasons to say "I Do" to a midweek wedding. Not only will you be able to save a big chunk of change, but there's a way bigger chance of booking your dream venue, favourite suppliers and, well, you'll be giving your guests a day off work too.

Simple Weddings Are Simply Wow

We love an elaborate wedding filled with wow-factor moments, but we definitely believe less is more when it comes to planning your perfect day -- a trend that's enjoying a major comeback. Couples are leaving the world of extravagance behind them and opting for more chic and discreet celebrations, focussing on ways to make every element as meaningful as possible.

Weddings are becoming less about unnecessary extras and big hopes of having it all, and more about quality over quantity. So instead of booking that huge wedding space and filling it with a million balloons, a gazillion flowers, a hundred tables and mariachi band, happy couples are dreaming of smaller venues, like old farm barns, and filling them with meaningful moments and nothing more, which is exactly what love boils down to.

Bye-Bye Gifts; Hello Heartfelt Giving

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and the pandemic is no different. It's put things into perspective. It's made people act and think differently. It's made people realise what really matters and that's more love and kindness -- and that has transcended across weddings too.

Instead of having guests signup to a gift register filled with pretty gifts they can live without, one of the most positive, tear-jerking and heartwarming trends to come out of the pandemic is the fact more and more couples are asking their guests to either donate to a cause they really care about or a charity that means the world to them. That's a trend we can get onboard with forever and ever.

Perennial Flowers Are Perfect

Love never dies and neither do perennial flowers, which could be why couples are asking florists to decorate their weddings in these, no matter what sort of wedding they have planned. Couples want more flowers than ever. They want them to fill every space possible. But they want these opulent and extravagant arrangements to be made up of colours, colours and more colours, dried flowers, succulents, pampas grass and anything else that will last longer than the other flower trends we've seen in the past.

Of course, the other reason for this want and need for as many flowers as possible is the breathtaking aesthetics because no matter what sort of ceremony you are dreaming of, flowers make everything more wow. So whether you've decided to tie the knot at a socially-distanced wedding or you've postponed your big day so that it can still be a big day, beautiful flowers everywhere is a trend that will forever be in vogue.

Mini-Ceremonies Are More Meaningful

More and more couples are choosing to go with low key and subtle weddings, opting for smaller, more meaningful ceremonies that are full to the brim with love, friends, family and much more relaxed, bohemian vibes. And we have fallen absolutely head over heels with this trend. Right now, the sensible thing to do is plan a wedding that's small enough to comply with government's size limits; weddings where the whoops, cheers and tears of joy come from family and best friends.

But that's not all this trend celebrates because those couples that choose a mini-mony (mini ceremony) plan to have a big bash when it's safe to do so; a bash where all of their guests can celebrate in the way they'd dreamed of at the start of 2020. Until then, though, mini-monies are all about celebrating the love you have with the people you love most in this world, and that feels so meaningful.

A Feast For Kings & Queens

It wasn't that long ago that rustic-banquets were the most popular choice of wedding meals. But with weddings enjoy a more intimate setting, couples are choosing dishes that focus on the details; food that would make kings and queens go "WOW!" And the reason for this is the smaller guest lists. Less people, more budget to spend per head, which is why couples are upgrading to fine wines and delicious dining.

Fancy wines, bottles of champagne, signature cocktails and menus that look as though they were designed and prepped by Heston himself; all of it served to you and your guests on small, intimate and gorgeously decorated tables. No more long tables with banquet-style seating plans, the world of either one 15-seater table or a couple of 6-seaters will become the new pinnacle of dreamy wedding.

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