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*These* Are The Top Wedding Trends For 2021

We have a little tradition at the Thursford Garden Pavilion where, at the end of each year, we take a look at look back at the things wedding couple's have loved most at what wedding experts forecast for the year ahead and whip up a little wedding trend guide.

Traditionally, these trends have celebrated the Pantone colour of the year, cake trends, rustic details, gorgeous flower arrangements and ways to create an extra dollop of excitement both before and during your wedding. We've seen couples embrace experiences over aesthetics (which our Magical Museum is packed full of) and we've seen bride and grooms find creative ways to make their big day oh-so-personalised.

Of course, 2020 has been like no other; a year that that has brought about seismic change for the wedding industry, with almost every element of the traditional wedding format shaken up like a Martini and then redefined. In a lot of ways, the pandemic has forced one of the most traditional moments in life to be a bit more, well, modern, adaptable and change-embracing. And, you know what, that's pretty exciting.

We're looking at a future of new everythings: new wedding trends, new traditions, new experiences, new details and design, all of them desperate to capture and keep those amazing moments from a couples' love story.

That's the silver-lining in all of this. Weddings are not stopping, they are simply changing -- and they're changing out of necessity, which makes the future a seriously wonderful place to be. And with that said, here are the top wedding trends to look out for in 2021:

Al Fresco Wedding Fun

With everything that has happened this year, it's no surprise that outdoor wedding venues have become more popular than a Kardashian's Instagram account. From tipis to tents to pavilions and walled gardens, couples are really leaning into the idea of tying the knot amongst nature. That's why a lot of wedding experts predict outdoor weddings will be right on trend next year and beyond. Not only do they feel romantic and whimsical, they bring an ambiance like no other; full of mood lighting airy vibes -- not to mention they're also more safe for guests and suppliers. Basically, al fresco wedding venues (like our outdoor ceremony spaces) are the new indoor weddings.

Mismatched Everything

Remember when bridesmaid dresses went from being matchy-matchy to beautifully mismatched? Well, wedding tables, seating and decor is now following suit. Couples are opting for a mix of table shapes, having some round tables of six and square tables of 4 and then shaking up their seating by having mismatched chairs. And they're not stopping there either because they're also mismatching their table decor too so that each table is unique.

Go Wild For A Weekday Wedding

Weekday weddings are nothing new. In fact, one in every three weddings is celebrated outside of the traditional Saturday -- and that number is only going to grow. Why? Well, first off, couples can save over tens of thousands of pounds by moving from a Saturday to a Monday wedding, with suppliers being less in demand and negotiations easier to make. But it's also got a lot to do with making your dream wedding attainable. Your dream venue will be a lot more likely to fit into your budget, those suppliers you fell in love with will be more affordable and that amazing photographer will probably be available too. Oh and your guests will get to take a day or two off work. What's not to love?

Creative Colour Palettes

Once upon a time, weddings were white. But not anymore and certainly not in 2021. . According to our experts, even more couples will be embracing colours and sprinkling fresh, nature-driven hues and unexpected palettes into their wedding decor. Those tying the knot are jumping into bold and vibrant weddings with more and more couples are stepping away from traditional themes and embracing everything that's fun, bright and happy. From their gowns to their stationery, flower arrangements to food choices -- colour is in.

Support Supplier Equality

2020 has been an awful year for so many reasons, but there have been glimmers of hope, especially in the movements that have come to light. From the Black Lives Matter movement to equality for the LGBT community to people making conscious decisions about their sustainability efforts. All of this is impacting the wedding world in an incredibly positive way too. Couples are seeking out suppliers that offer more than just beautiful work. From cake makers to caterers, photographers to the people making your favours, couples want suppliers that stand up for social justice and have sustainable ethics.

Hello Humour

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is laugh. Laugh, laugh and laugh -- there really is no tonic quite like it, and there are so many ways you can sprinkle some fun-times into your big day. Couples are sending out change-the-dates instead of save the dates, making their wedding websites full of fun copywriting, adding anecdotes wherever they can and organising hilarious photoshoots. And let's not forget, for the ultimate first dance song, there is only one contender next year and that's "At Last" by Etta James.

Intimate Weddings Are Here To Stay

There's so much to love about small, intimate weddings. They way they feel so personal and so full of love. The way every wall, corner and rafter of your venue is able to be decorated with heart, detail and rustic wow. The way the dance floor is always full of laughing guests that have known one another forever, even if just feels that way. That’s what we love so much about our Old Farm Barn -- and it's why we have created an intimate wedding package tailored to small weddings of up to 30 guests. Yes, there will be couples who will want a Gatsby-esque celebration when all this is over, but there will be also be couples who continue to cherish the small wedding vibes too.

The Party Dress

For a bunch of brides, 2021 will be all about the party. After all, a lot of couples officially got hitched this year in smaller settings, with the intention of having a huge bash next year, so you can forget the formal gown because girls will be about the party dress instead. Of course, even if you didn't tie the knot at a smaller ceremony, there’s been no parties for a year and, well, people are desperate for a night out. So get ready for a year of satin slips, sequin minis and even tuxedo jackets worn over the shoulder in a nonchalant, relaxed, here for a good time kind of way.

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