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7 Autumn Wedding Colour Schemes That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Meet the gorgeous colour schemes that will make your autumn wedding oh-so-wow!

We’re totally with you - summer weddings are so cute we look at them and just want to burst. But we’re in autumn now, honey, and autumn has all the most gorge colours of the rainbow, meaning your “fall” wedding is going to pop more than fizz whizz candy.

Close your eyes and imagine the scenes: your old farm barn venue decorated in an OMG! selection of reds and oranges and mustards and greens, or a garden pavilion splashed with warm shades of navy and golds. That’s what autumn weddings feel like. They feel like a cosy hug in front of a crackling fire. Mmmmm.

So whether you are busy putting the final touches on your big day, doing all you can to be the best Maid of Honour the world has ever seen, or just getting everything in place for when you finally get a boyfriend (#monica), here are the most stunning autumn colour schemes to make your big day next-level wow:

1. Warm Jewels Always Work

When you’re trying to find ways to make your moment a moment to remember, the best thing you can do is get romantic. Translation: embrace warm shades. Aubergine, marsala, poppy, dark red, regal purple and all those colours usually reserved for the Queen’s Tower of London jewellery collection. And here’s the best bit: you can use them in so many different ways. Dress your bridesmaids in one of these shades, use them to make your centrepieces pop, or ask our recommended florist to create a jewel-inspired bouquet for you to clasp, pass and throw over your head

2. Dark Greens On Bright White

There’s nothing quite like this time of year. We’re fast leaving summer in the rearview mirror but we’re not quite at winter yet, which means you’ve got to decorate for that space in between. So try bridging the gap with some gorgeous dark greens set against a pristine white backdrop. It’s elegant. It’s sophisticated. It’s forget-me-not and fun -- and it’s absolutely perfect for anyone having a pavilion (or marquee) wedding, where your evergreen tones can create a moment almost anywhere. As bridesmaid gowns, groomsmen ties, bouquets, aisle runners, hanging honeycomb decorations, anything.

3. A Scheme Good Enough To Eat

We’re talking about an autumn wedding here. Not a late-summer or early winter wedding, but an autumn bash. So stop dilly-dallying about and throw yourself all the way in with an autumnal colour palette that mimics the changing world outside. Pumpkins, sages, blushes and more. Not only do these shades make for the most delicate and delicious accents, but they’ll bring outdoorsy vibes into your indoor celebration no matter what your venue.

4. Navy Blues & Gorgeous Golds

When it comes to weddings, there is no colour combination more elegant, classic, sophisticated or timeless than navy blue dancing with glittering gold. That’s how to bring a bit of glam to your big autumn day. Simply gild everyone’s favourite colour (oh, come on, navy blue stirs something up in all of us) and you have the perfect way to create a moment. Set the standard with gold foil save the dates, make your cake a showstopper using navy fondant and little gold balls, dress your maids in navy and gold accessories, and write your table names with gold ink on navy card.

5. Pale Pink, Meet Emerald

Feminine. Sexy. Exciting. Unique. Non-traditional. Classic. Whatever word you want to use, there’s a natural beauty to be found when you pop pale pink onto a deep emerald. There’s something about bringing the last gasps of summer together with the warm evergreens of winter that feels impossibly romantic. Leafy table runners decorated with big pink blooms, rough and rustic bouquets splashed with delicate dahlias, semi-naked cakes topped with foliage and pale pink ribbons -- this is what romance looks like.

6. Warm Greens & Mega Mustards

Mustard is the out-there colour that’s always in vogue - warm and energising and deliciously chic. Yes, it’s a dusty shade of yellow, but that’s it’s charm. That’s why it works so well in industrial venues, from gorgeous barns to magical museums. Mustard boasts the sophistication of gold but in a more relaxed, informal way. Think sunflower centrepieces, tied napkins placed on your guests’ plates, bow ties for your groomsmen, gowns for your bride tribe and chair ribbons for everyone. And to give it a more soothing and autumnal vibe, simply pair it with green.

7. Berry, Berry White

Every bride wants to make their once-in-a-lifetime gown pop like a New Year’s Eve fireworks finale, and there’s only one way to do it: surround yourself with deep, gorgeous tones. Boysenberry, dark purples, navy - they will all make your white dress a total showstopper. And it’s not just about making your gown more wow because they are versatile shades too. Think bridesmaid dresses, cake decorations, your groom’s suit and even your blooms. Mmmmm.

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