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*These* Are The Most Popular Wedding Colour Combinations

Don't worry, we've got you covered...

It's happening. It's actually happening. You are getting married. In just a matter of weeks or months, you are going to wake up, sing "we're going to the chapel" as you brush your teeth and then slip into your wedding dress before skipping down the aisle to shout "YES!" in front of all your friends and family. But first, there are a few things you need to contemplate, starting with: "just which colour combination do I choose, anyway?". Thankfully, there's no need to panic because we've got you entirely covered.

To help you understand that this decision is a thing: 97% of couples who got married last year incorporated a specific colour scheme into their celebration. The question is: which colour combinations were the most popular. Well, here are 6 colour themes to help you make a decision that is perfect for your love story, your personalities and your big day. Enjoy.

Navy Blue & Grey

Whether this had anything to do with Bridgerton's blue-themed ball or not, the classic combination of navy blue and grey was one of the most popular choices. And we totally get why. It celebrates two neutral shades that go with any season and every style but without being as obvious as black and white. It is versatile yet timeless and still wonderfully unique. What more could you want?

Ivory & Light Pink

For any happy couple wanting to add a splash of elegance, sophistication and classic wedding vibes to their big day, the combination of ivory and light pink remains one of the most picture-perfect choices. They always have been and we'd be willing to guess they always will be. That's because ivory is versatile, stylish and oh-so-easy to coordinate with. Add that to light pink or blush and you an incredibly pretty, delicate combination that will perfect for your ultra-romantic ceremony.

White & Gold

Another timeless classic is the combination of white and gold, a colour scheme that over a third of all couples chose for their wedding last year. Why? Because like the other colours we've mentioned above, white and gold are extremely versatile no matter what sort of wedding you are planning. You could keep it traditional with silks and materials or you could add a modern twist to your big day by using metallics to bring your colour palette to life. Whichever direct you go, white and gold works with any season and style -- all you need to do is switch up the textures you go with to make it work.

Emerald & Ruby

It's easy to think that these two rich tones will add a festive vibe to your wedding, but that's not the case because these jewel-like tones make for a gorgeously moody wedding, especially if you throw in a third colour, such as ivory or champagne. So lean into this colour palette in every way you can, with fresh greenery, shimmering metallics, dark woods and different textures here, there and everywhere. That way you'll walk into a venue that feels luxuriously elevated -- and a very far cry from the Christmas decorations stored in your attic.

Yellow & Blush

This may sound like an incredibly bold pairing -- and it is. But it will create the most stunning backdrop to your bohemian wedding, that we promise. You just have to get it right to make the most of these crisp shades: the pinks, yellows and whites all adding a bright and summery feel to your wedding, while the darker, more muted shades of daffodil and mohair will make your wedding feel like it's fallen straight out of the pages of Vogue. Trendy, cool, edgy -- with a stunning desert feel to it all.

Blue & Gold

If you're worrying that the combination of blue and gold will give your wedding a bit of a nautical vibe, you're right: it can do -- but only if you want it to. It can feel preppy and fun and perfect for the Norfolk coast, which is where our venue is after all. But if you want a more subdued look, try playing around with some deeper shades of blue and combining that with a gold that glimmers. The result: a regal wedding that feels fresh and cool.

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