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5 Wedding Trends We're Predicting For 2022

Instead of dwelling on the years that won't be named (hint: 2020 and 2021), when planes got grounded and a domino effect of lockdowns around the world forced everything to stop and weddings get pushed back, we've decided to cast our eye forward to 2022 -- and we're filled with piqued levels of hope, excitement and romance.

After the last 18 months or so, engaged couples everywhere can finally dream big again. Dream of huge party vibes and packed dance floors and guests laughing everywhere you look as Champagne sloshes about in their glasses. That's the biggest thing we're predicting for next year's weddings: big weddings full of ALL your favourite people ready to send you off into your happy ever after with whoops, cheers and the clinking of beers.

But we're also predicting a handful of other trends too. So without further ado, here what we learned when we spoke to our expert wedding planner's about getting hitched in 2022:

Earthy Colour Palettes & All Things Nature

Where whites, pales and pastel colours were once the go-to vibe, next year will be all about natural, rustic colours with earthy accents. From terracotta pots lining your reception venue to driftwood centrepieces filling your tables, flowers that combine subtle pinks with coffees, caramels and gorgeous ivories to details celebrating honeys, ambers and rusty elements, the step toward more earthy tones will add a sophisticated edge that feels very different from the traditional norm.

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

A quick look at Google search trends is all it takes to say bridal separates are here to stay a little longer, with searches for two-piece wedding gowns going up by almost 180% in the last year alone. And we get it. These elegant, chic and contemporary wedding dresses offer something more traditional gowns don't: the chance to easily transform your look throughout your big day. Add an of an overskirt for your simple yet stunning ceremony and then change into flowing trousers that match your top so that you can dance all night long. From versatile and effortless to modern and minimalist, there are a hundred reasons to consider two-piece for your wedding day.

Quirky, Meaningful Cake Flavours Are In

Cake flavours used to be limited to what was traditional, but that is fast being forgotten as couples opt for more exciting flavours that actually mean something to their love story. Flavours that take them back to their first date, remind them of their oh-so-happy childhood or even a place they travelled to together. Cakes are no longer just cakes, they offer another special moment. Picture it now: rhubarb and custard macarons that remind you of your grandma, orange and tahini cupcakes that take you back to that vacation in Greece, Sicilian lemon cake with champagne buttercream to celebrate your honeymoon -- it can be anything you like.

The Ultimate Wedding Experience

From special scents to incredible tastes to pinch-yourself sounds and almost-unique textures, after the restrictions of the past 18 months, happy couples are looking for ways to give their guest a truly forget-me-not experience. Think signature cocktails with dreamy ingredients, foods that look as exciting as they taste, live bands followed by DJs and saxophonists, scented candles that give each area its very own smell and tables decorated with plumes of wow-factor details, not to mention seating options that make your smile. That's how to take your wedding to the next-level.

The Big & Bold Bridgerton Effect

In case you thought the UKs intrigue and obsession with Bridgerton was just coming to a close, we'd like to inform you that the second series is getting ready to hit our screens again -- and with it comes the kind of excitement and anticipation that will spill into the wedding world. Think quintessential English regency, full of empire-waist wedding gowns, ruffles of lace, accents of Prussian blue, silk gloves, trailing wisteria, puffy sleeves, handwritten notes and wax seals holding together invitations. Weddings will start to focus on the more delicate details that add an extra level of luxury to your big day without adding too much to your budget.

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